02 June 2011

>Back up Your Blog

>Back up blog? is it important?
Yes it's very important. Because we can't guarantee that our blog will exist forever. Lately, many blogers lost their blogs because of unpredicted fault . Few months ago I lost all of my blog (it'a about 10 blogs), but now I got some of them back. Since then I know how important to back up our blog. It's really frustating when your hard work suddenly lost.

There is a free service website that allow us to back up our blog. It's name is blogbackuponline. They give us a space for 5 MB. Althought it's small but I think it's enough for us to backup our blog. If our avarage posted arcticle is 1000 character, meaning it can backup until 5000 title. It's for free version. They also provide more features for premium account. Just go to blogbackuponline and back up your blog there.

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