14 October 2007

Shortcut Keyboards for CorelDraw 12 - Zoom and Pan

There are some useful keyboard shortcut when we use Coreldraw. This is shortcut for Zoom and Pan. Hope useful for you.

N : Brings up the Navigator window allowing you to navigate to any object in the document
H : Pans around the drawing by clicking and dragging using this tool
Alt + 4 : Pans the drawing downward
Alt + 1 : Pans the drawing to the left
Alt + 2 : Pans the drawing to the right
Alt + 3 : Pans the drawing upward
Ctrl + F2 : Opens or closes the View Manager docker
F2 : Enables you to perform a zoom action, and then returns to the last-used tool
F3 : Zooms out
F4 : Zooms in on all objects in the drawing
Shft + F4 : Displays the entire printable page
Shft + F2 : Zooms in on selected objects only

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