23 May 2011

>How to Create Blogroll (Link List Box)

>As a bloger, we usually added our Friends link on our blog. Day by day and month by month it's number will increased. But if your friends link over than hundredsor or even thousands, it will be a problem, your blog space will full of your friends link list.
Now I will show you how to create a blogroll, a box to place your friends link list. You can fill it with as many as links, and it's size will not get bigger. So it will save space on your blog or sidebar. The box will be like mine.

Here's the code that you should to copy and place on your blog or sidebar ("Add Page Element --> HTML/Java Script").

<div style="border: 1px solid rgb(153, 153, 153);
overflow: auto;
width: 200px;
height: 300px;
text-align: center; ">

#link1 <br />
#link2 <br />
#link3 <br />


- Text width: 200px; and height: 300px; is size of the box, you can change it according to your place or sidebar size .
- Change the text "#link1,#link2, #link3 dst" with your friends link list.

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